3 Items Every Styled Dinner Table Needs

3 Items Every Styled Dinner Table Needs

Dinner guests are arriving shortly, I’m still frantically dashing around the house preparing, I pass by a mirror, catch a glimpse and look at myself horrified, my hair is still in a bun and I have the same tights I’ve worn for the last 2 days! Sound familiar, the feeling when you can’t possibly get everything done before guests arrives? You have to decide what step to skip - is it going to be the hair? makeup? setting a Styled table? tidying up the house?

Perfect hostess,
who me?!

I think I’ve skipped them all at one point or another or in worst-case scenarios all of the above before my guests started arriving for dinner!

While ensuring your table is set beautifully doesn’t take care of hair and makeup, hopefully it will be one less scramble the day of hosting!

In a pinch, here are the 3 essential items your dinner table needs in order to be Set in Style to impress your guests and make it “appear” as though you have this hosting thing down to a fine art.

The 3 Essentials…


#1 Centerpiece

It’s called a centerpiece for a reason; it’s the core décor statement that every guest has to look over in order to talk with the other guests across the table. Flowers, candles, whatever the item(s) are, guest’s eyes are naturally drawn to whatever is in the middle of the table.

Use this statement piece with simplicity or with as much extravagance as you want. When in doubt, create a simple and classy look by sticking to one or two flower types. If you really aren’t sure what flowers to put into your centerpiece, bring the vase to your local florist or show him a picture of your vase and ask for suggestions!

Rose Gold Centerpiece
Flower Centerpiece

#2 Cloth Napkins

While tablecloths and table runners are a great addition to styling a table, if I had to pick one linen as the bare essential, it would have to be cloth napkins. Upgrading from paper napkins to cloth is the easiest way to up style your dinner and make your guests feel special, after all, guests know you will have to work to get any stains out of the napkin!

A simple touch of a colored or patterned cloth napkin can really make a big statement to a styled table. They can bring together the overall look by complimenting your centerpiece or ambiance.

Napkins can easily be sourced at a local Target or you can shop for them in the comfort of your own home at any time by using Amazon! I have a variety of colors in my linen closet ready for use.

If you don’t want to add napkin rings, consider adding a flower, a sprig of greenery or even a ribbon for more visual interest to the setting.

Sprig of Rosemary
Adding a simple sprig of rosemary makes an elegant and aromatic statement
Add a flower for timeless elegance and easy styling
Placing flatware in an easy napkin fold looks nice and adds space on the table

#3 The Right Company

A perfect pulled of dinner party is one styled with the best company! Life is all about the people and the experiences we share together. In today’s hustle and bustle of all the demands in life, people are having company over for dinner less because of the perceived effort it can take.

My thinking is we all could use more dinner parties, simplify how you throw dinner parties if need be but have more of them! Don’t miss out on the lasting memories we create with our family and friends around the table.

Keeping these 3 must haves for your styled dinner party table in mind, a dash of planning ahead (or using what you already have!) and hopefully you will have more time to Style yourself before your guests arrive.

Styled Settings Tips & Tricks

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