How To Style A Christmas Table Setting

How To Style A Christmas Table Setting

This year on the blog, I won’t partake in the ever so popular home tour.

At our house, colourfully mismatched presents that have been lovingly wrapped by my boys rest under the tree, which is adorned with an array of candy canes and homemade ornaments. Other colourful ornaments spread throughout the house include nerf darts and army men (which happen to stay all year round). Our version of holiday baking involves opening a package of Pillsbury cookies shaped as snowmen, which the kids eagerly "bake" themselves. It’s not picture perfect, but it feels just right.

Perfect hostess,
who me?!  

Although my home may not be Christmas magazine worthy, I do aim to set an elegant Christmas table for entertaining friends and family while we relish the best part of the holidays – food and company.

Despite my love of beautiful table settings, simplicity is high on my list. Below I show you how I styled the Christmas Black White and Gold table using a Styled Settings tabletop accessory set as my base. Provided you have some tableware and a few accessories already, I will show how a few easy to find items will transform your everyday dinner table into an elegant Christmas setting.

I love using black and white as a base for styling a table as it provides an endless array of versatile and timeless options — but don’t worry if you don’t have black and white available, simply make use of what you have.

Styling Tip: Take inventory of what dishes you want to use and add styling pieces to suit. Complement any colour in your china with an accessory, flowers or linens. If you have white dishes, options are plentiful.

In my case, I started with the Lenox Audbrey salad and dinner plates and paired them with the Styled Settings Classic Black and White set.

Accessory pieces can be used for any event, holiday or season – adding in just a few key event or holiday details can help create the intended festive ambiance. 

I used the following three key items to add festive style my Christmas table:

  1. Pine bunches
  2. Holiday ornaments
  3. Holiday gift tags

Before starting to set the table, I cut small pieces off the pine bunches to save for placing on each plate setting. I then tied Christmas name tags around the greenery. I love the way they came out; they are reminiscent of mistletoe on each plate. 

To create my holiday dinner party table, I set the tablecloth and runner and then lay the greenery along the length of the runner, leaving space in the middle for the centerpiece.

Greenery pine table runner easy Christmas table setting

I randomly placed matching Christmas ornaments along the table runner, and added votives.

Christmas Holiday Ornaments Easy Table Decor Setting

I kept the florals low to the table so dinner guests can easily enjoy making conversation around the table without having to move their heads around the centerpiece.

Easy Elegant Christmas flowers centerpiece
White hydrangeas, lilies and a few magnolia leaves sprayed gold fill the elegant cube vase
Gold Leaf Flower Spray Paint Christmas Centrepiece
Gold spray paint will easily add a pop of metallic to flowers

Next I set the table by adding stemware, flatware, plates and a simple napkin folded horizontally in thirds and tucked in between the salad and dinner plate for an effortless yet sophisticated look.

For the final accent, I placed the pine stem on the plate to add in some festive detail. You can easily use other holiday tags here and write your guest’s names on them; I opted for a few winter words.

Black gold white Lenox table setting Christmas
Place a festive name tag for easy styling

Consider adding festive accents throughout the house or dining area to increase the festive ambiance.

Black White Gold Side Table Christmas
Add holiday accents to a side table or shelf
Gold stemless champagne flutes Christmas setting
Crushing on these stemless champagne glasses found at a local Winner's

There you have it, an elegant Christmas dinner table. Happy Holidays! 

Black White Gold Christmas Tablescape Dinner Setting

If you are looking for inspired tabletop décor options already designed for you to save you even more time and simplify hosting, check out Styled Settings tabletop décor kits at

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